About Us

Fortuna Bamboo is owned by Fortuna BC Inc. which produces and markets the best that communities have to offer. We have partnered with community businesses in West Africa to promote their products and services on the international market. Our ultimate goal is to provide the poor in rural West African countries the means to gain economic freedom. We exclusively buy bamboo products made by communities and promoting these products on the international market.

Sustainability/Green Transport

Youth Employment

Rural Business Development

Educational Development

Our Mission

With a solid partnership with Booomers International and the Yonso Project in Kumasi, Ghana, Fortuna Bamboo brings your beautiful handcrafted bamboo bicycles. At Fortuna Bamboo, we believe that the first step to eradicating poverty starts with the community, by promoting:

A. Sustainability;
B. Youth Employment;
C. Educational Development;
D. Rural Business Development.