• Bamboo can be compared to steel in terms of strength. The tensile strength of bamboo is 28,000 Newton per square inch, which is greater than that of steel.
  • Bamboo is environmentally friendly and can easily be disposed off.
  • Bamboo is anti-bacterial.
  • Bamboo is light and has very fine finishing.
  • Ghana’s bamboo is twice stronger than other species found in the world (research by Columbia University).
  • Plantation by bamboo leads to environmental sustainability and reduce carbon emission.
  • Bamboo is very flexible and can withstand shocks.


Carbon is light, Steel is strong but Bamboo is both. Bamboo is a great resource which grows very fast. Bamboo absorbs more carbon than any other plant which helps the protection of the environment. Bamboo is strong and can be compared to steel. Its tensile strength per inch is twice that of steel. It is antibacterial and light.
Although similar materials, Bamboo grows naturally in nature, unlike Carbon Fibre, Bamboo’s vascular bundles are extremely stiff. Bamboo is significantly more durable than Carbon Fibre. Although they are SLIGHTLY heavier than carbon, it is nearly impossible for the bamboo to break under riding stress (including heavy impact).
Bamboo has greater tensile strength (resistance of being pulled apart) than Steel and withstand compression better than concrete, making it some of the strongest stuff on the planet.